Third Party Vs. Third Party Fire and Theft Vs. Comprehensive

What’s the difference?

Simply put Third Party insurance protects you from the costs of damage your car causes to someone else’s car or property up to a maximum of MZN 5 000 000.

Third Party Fire & Theft insurance also includes cover for fire, theft, and damage caused as a result of attempted theft.

Comprehensive is just that! It covers your car against damage caused by a number of insured events, such as theft, accidental damage and natural events (flood, earthquake, fire & storm) as well as providing 3rd party insurance.

Third party cross border motor insurance Mozambique


View the current tariff

Current tariff for 30 days of third party insurance
Sedan/Hatchback R280
4x4/LDV R280
Minibus R280
Motorcycle R140
Trailer/Caravan R140
Heavy trailer R350
Heavy vehicle/Bus R700

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